Lucy Brosé 

Hi, I’m Lucy.

I started Juicy Lucy’s Kitchen® because I was becoming increasingly concerned about the ingredients being added to the food we buy containing words we cannot pronounce, to apparently ‘enhance’ the chemical-tasting flavours and cleverly-worded labels saying things like “coffee flavoured” (actually meaning there is no coffee in this, it just tastes like it).

I truly believe the food we are being sold is hugely contributing to the increase in diabetes, disease and obesity, (not to mention the c-word, which I refuse to say out loud).

We all know by now, that refined sugar is super bad for us and worse, that it even feeds certain diseases and health conditions; so I started creating tasty and alternative recipes for soups, juices and treats, to help ‘get the good stuff in’.

My Golden Balls, I’m delighted to say are even a Nourish Award 2020 Finalist and I now supply my Balls, packed full of vitamins, nutrients and goodness, to loads of lovely people all around London and the UK.

Thank you for stopping by and I very much look forward to welcoming you to the next stage of my venture, Juicy Lucy’s Café ®.

Remember… keep it Juicy!
Always, with love, Lucy x