Vegan or Plant-Based?

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Juicy Lucy’s Kitchen states that it is a Plant-based and Vegan Brand. I stand by that statement. So, what’s the difference you ask? Veganism Veganism is a way of life. True vegans cut out any products which may have even … Continued

Insomnia And Other Sleep Problems

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Insomnia… the dreaded deprivation of, or lack of ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. The ramifications of this condition can have far reaching effects on so many areas of your health and wellbeing, it’s important to be armed, informed … Continued

Why Everyone Is Going Nuts About Coconuts?

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The fairly recent up-trend in Coconut-derived products is now a huge global industry; from Coconut Waters, to Oils, (cooking, body and beauty products), Milks, Creams and Plant-based Dairy alternatives, Spreads, Butters, the list goes on. But Why? Here’s an excerpt … Continued

Coconut Sugar

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The Crystal Nectar Of Coconuts As the “Health Food Revolution” continues to sweep the land and the anti-refined-sugar revolution rages; I’m going to research the different types of sugar which we are beginning to see on our Supermarket and Health … Continued


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A Recent Finding For Me! Funnily enough, I have only recently been introduced to Polenta. As a new Vegan, I am searching to find all the things which I haven’t yet tried. Polenta is one of these. My friend cooked … Continued

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