Now a winner of 7 Nourish Awards, since 2019, for our amazing Protein Balls; at Juicy Lucy’s Kitchen, we’re not just another vegan food company. We want to give you the whole picture. How to look after yourself with practical and easily applicable advice to allow you to reach optimum health. How to cleanse and then protect your system, to energise your body and mind. 


 Juicy Lucy’s Kitchen originally started with a healthy plant-based ball of goodness: I wanted to produce a treat that not only tasted great, but also felt good too. A delicious, guilt-free bite, packed with nutrition; so I created my range of Juicy Lucy’s Balls™. These little Balls of energy, protein and good fats are brimming with vitamins, minerals and superfoods. 

Juicy Lucy’s Balls will give you a helping hand for healthier living and better body function. They are super tasty, easy to eat on-the-go; a treat which contains a plethora of things you may not be getting from your diet (together with a few extras to help sustain your energy levels, keep your cravings, especially those sugary ones, under control and even help your moods), with none of the toxins or see-sawing from those regular chocolate bars. 


Juicy Lucy’s Kitchen will give you helpful and solid advice, intelligent and trained professional opinions from certified, qualified nutritionists and vegan food adviser, Lucy, will help you every step of the way. Ask yourself some serious questions. Starting with “what can I do to help myself?” 

We can’t wait to serve you. But in the meantime, we will be honing our skills to learn more about Vegan cooking, nutrition and naturopathy so that we can serve you better, so you can feel better and help you #getthegoodstuffin.


During the Cov-19 crisis, we had to adapt quickly and at our HQ in West London, we delivered healthy soups, meals and Balls to the local community and people self-isolating.

We created a stunning menu, full of amazing Vegan dishes, a Juicy Lucy’s Kitchen Vegan Burger and a selection of delicious salads and hot dishes. Scrumptious vegan food, all homemade using heavenly ingredients; super healthy to keep your immune system strong. Juicy Lucy’s Kitchen is committed to delivering healthy, hearty soups and salads to the local neighbourhood. Get the good stuff in. What have you got to lose?


Juicy Lucy’s Kitchen is offering you the chance to take back control of your health. We are giving you a wealth of information and ideas on how to better look after yourself and your loved ones, naturally. 

Nutritionist Collaborations

We are very excited to be collaborating with Vicky Godfrey. Vicky is a qualified Harley Street Nutritional Therapist and Registered Naturopath. I met Vicky by chance in Ibiza on a retreat she organised. I could have sat and talked to her for hours. She has worked extensively with cancer patients, private clients and her knowledge of Nutrition is utterly fascinating. Together, we will be bringing you the information you need to help yourself naturally, with wonderful, tasty and simple recipes and dishes to spruce up your kitchen habits! Easy.

Check Out My Blog

My Blog is full of suggestions, tips and ideas for you to experiment with.My Nana used to say to me “Lucy, you are what you eat”! I believe she was right. If you eat pre-prepared, fast-food, low in vitamins and lacking in any nutrition, you can’t expect to look or feel great. 

It’s All About Balance

At Juicy Lucy’s we believe that life should be about BALANCE. Try using more natural remedies rather than reaching for those pharmaceuticals. Here I give you suggestions for Menopause, articles about some of my favourite ingredientsand some recipes.

My Delicious, Nutritious Balls

Check out my delicious Protein Balls, which have grown from a popular favourite with my friends and family, to a delicious product range which we now deliver and serve to clients all over London.

Juicy Lucy’s Kitchen is a Registered Trademark. All names, recipes, content and ideas are the intellectual property of Juicy Lucy’s Kitchen Ltd and are as such protected by the copyright laws of England and Wales.

My Qualifications & Certificates

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