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The Crystal Nectar Of Coconuts

As the “Health Food Revolution” continues to sweep the land and the anti-refined-sugar revolution rages; I’m going to research the different types of sugar which we are beginning to see on our Supermarket and Health Food store’s shelves – starting with Coconut Sugar.

About eighteen months ago at Juicy Lucy’s Kitchen, I removed all refined sugar from my cupboards and replaced it with these crunchy, nutty brown granules, which have a slightly nutty and caramelly flavour; Coconut Sugar. It is now the only sugar I use as it’s versatile and I love the flavour.

Regarded as a better alternative to refined sugar, Coconut Sugar is the dehydrated and boiled sap of the coconut palm. It has caught the attention of many of those who are health conscious, because of its low fructose content and low glycaemic index. It also contains traces of some minerals and antioxidants as compared to regular white sugar. Another factor that gives Coconut Sugar an edge over the other sweeteners is that it is not refined or chemically altered and contains no artificial ingredients or synthetic substances. 

Coconut Sugar is not a direct derivative of coconut, it is the boiled and dehydrated sap of the coconut palm which is collected in a container. It looks and tastes much like clumped brown sugar with a slight hint of caramel. It is used widely as a natural sweetener in baking and in cooking.

Relatively High In Nutrients

Coconut Sugar contains around sixteen calories, four grams of carbohydrate per teaspoon, coconut sugar may not bring down your calorie intake but regular white sugar, is classed as ‘empty-calories’ which means that it does not contain any nutrients. Coconut sugar, on the other hand, is high in antioxidants, iron, calcium and potassium.

Coconut sugar is fast becoming one of the leading, preferred natural sweeteners.  You will see it popping up in the Sugar Aisle at your local supermarket more and more. 


As it does not undergo the extensive refining process, which regular sugar does, Coconut Sugar is pure and straight out of nature. 

Less Fructose

Fructose is a variant of sugar which is only broken down by the liver. It quickly converts into fats in our body and this complex breakdown leads to formation of triglycerides (a form of fat). Coconut Sugar contains 70 to 75% of sucrose and about 20 to 30% of fructose, whereas refined white sugar is high in both fructose and glucose. 

Tasty Too

Coconut Sugar has a similar taste to that of Demerara Sugar (but it’s much better for you). So, what’s not to love? Why don’t you give it a try?

Always Read The Label

You will have read in some of my other Blog Posts that I always bang on about reading labels and seeing what you’re REALLY getting – well, Coconut Sugar is no different.

Beware as many brands may be selling Coconut Sugar mixed with cane sugar. Therefore, read the ingredient label carefully before purchasing. 

Other Names For Coconut Sugar

Coconut Sugar may also be known as Coconut Crystals or Coconut Palm Sugar.

The brand I use at Juicy Lucy’s Kitchen is Coconut Merchant.

I researched loads of other brands before approaching Coconut Merchant and the main reason for using them is that, apart from loving their product, I also completely get behind their ethical sourcing policy, which you can see here.

At Juicy Lucy’s Kitchen it’s incredibly important for us to look after every human, animal, environment and plant, wherever possible. 

I have used other brands, such as Biona, Tiana, both excellent, organic and ethical products, and both Tiana and Biona products feature heavily in our store cupboards at Juicy Lucy’s Kitchen.

Please Shop Responsibly

Please do your research. Find out about where your products are coming from and how they are farmed. There is so much information available on the internet these days that consumers can’t use the excuse of ignorance. Without wanting to sound preachy, it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that companies exploiting countries, people and animals and ravaging environments for the sake of £££ are stopped and the planet is taken care of.

Facts And Figures

This Blog Post is based on MY findings. There is plenty of articles damning Coconut Sugar as the same enemy as refined sugar.

As I said above, there is so much information available I the internet these days it is very difficult to sieve through the nonsense and get to the hard truth. This is why I ALWAYS recommend you do your own research and come to your own conclusions.

Lucy’s Tips

Use ALL sugar in moderation. Coconut sugar is advertised as being healthier than refined sugar, but consuming too much of any sugar, may contribute to ongoing health issues.

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