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Placebo – Power or Poppycock?

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Can Your Mind Heal Your Body?

For so many years now, doctors have trialled drugs and pharmaceuticals using one hundred examples of treatment using a drug, versus one hundred examples of using a “sugar pill” placebo?

In clinical trials where a placebo is used, a huge percentage of the subjects who take the placebo, exhibit positive results. This is due to the fact that they “believe” they are being given the real drug and therefore, their minds manifest the healing.

This has been going on for centuries.

Therefore, why don’t we take seriously the power of the mind healing the body?

Heal – The Documentary

I recently watched “Heal” on Netflix a compelling documentary compiled by a number of leading holistic practitioners and doctors who firmly believe that the mind and the body CAN heal, without the use of pharmaceutical drugs. 

The Power Of Positive Thinking

When you watch Heal, you will see a number of famous Drs and practitioners say that the power of thought, positivity, environment and perception, can all make a HUGE difference to chronic illness. Even cancer patients at a stage four diagnosis have healed themselves, using different methods and techniques.

In this documentary, these health practitioners still advocate surgical procedures in cases of external damag. They do suggest, however, that anything internal, can be healed by emotional release, change of diet, environment and thought processes.

Most Of Today’s Illness Is Caused By Stress

Most current-day diseases are stress-related. Stress causes the release of cortisol into the system – ‘Fight or Flight’ and due to the modern, hectic and emotionally-charged lifestyles we lead, our bodies are never in the ‘Rest and Repair’ mode for long enough to recover.

This consistency of cortisol cycles, creates adrenal fatigue, immune system breakdown, and pockets of “danger zones” for disease to rest and settle, creating chronic illnesses.

You Can Change Your Life

At Juicy Lucy’s, we want everyone to see how just a small adjustment to your life and your lifestyle, or eating habits, could make a huge difference to your body function and all around wellness and wellbeing.

It is hugely important for you to look after your body and your mind.  To rest, to fuel it properly and to understand that not releasing trauma or any difficulties you have experienced in your past, may be having a knock-on effect on your physical being today.

Let It Go!

Most of you will know that when you talk about a problem, quite often you will feel lighter.  That’s because you are releasing it.

You will have a physical reaction to an emotional response. So if you are angry, upset or disappointed all the time, your brain chemistry will tell your body that something is wrong and your body will manifest a symptom. Most of us will then go to the doctor and get a pharmaceutical drug to mask that symptom, rather than treating the root cause.

This is what we need to be doing to heal our bodies naturally.

In Conclusion

At Juicy Lucy’s Kitchen, we firmly believe that a healthy diet, a healthy mind, together wit healthy thoughts and a positive attitude = healthier body, better life. 

Simple really!

What Vicky Says:

I work with many clients with cancer and 95% of them say that the minute they change their mindset – they feel better already. If they believe they are going to get well, they change their lifestyle and their outlook and most of those who do that improve much quicker.

Watch The magic of the placebo by Eric Mead

Check out this great TEDTalk on the Placebo Effect.

Sugar pills, injections of nothing — studies show that, more often than you’d expect, placebos really work. At TEDMED, magician Eric Mead does a trick to prove that, even when you know something’s not real, you can still react as powerfully as if it is.



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