Vegan or Plant-Based?

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Juicy Lucy’s Kitchen states that it is a Plant-based and Vegan Brand. I stand by that statement.

So, what’s the difference you ask?


Veganism is a way of life. True vegans cut out any products which may have even involved an animal; such as leather, fur, gelatine, hairsprays (with crushed beetles to give it that shine), etc and so forth.


Plant-based is a dietary option. A choice to only eat plant-based food.

Does that make it any less important – I think not.

Some could argue that Plant-based is a gateway to Veganism and so what? Some will go the extra mile, some won’t – both perfectly acceptable choices.

For me though, it’s not just about what I eat. It’s where I shop, how I shop, changes in my lifestyle which have a knock-on effect throughout different areas of my life. It’s wanting to be better, wanting to make a change to the environment – not just to my environment. Not just to what I put in my body, but what I, in turn put out to the world, as a human being.


I am pro-choice at Juicy Lucy’s Kitchen, and try very hard not to be judgy. I have the philosophy that everyone’s choices should be respected. Especially their food choices. I also state that whilst our brand may be Vegan and Plant-based, I also cater for Pescatarian, Flexitarian and everything else in between. I they to allow people to make better choices by introducing then to food that they may not necessarily have tried otherwise.

Difficult Questions

Now for some honest answers to some difficult questions (and I don’t expect to be shamed for these answers):

Am I a Vegan?                                                                         No.

Am I trying to go plant-based?                                          Absolutely.

Am I succeeding?                                                                  Not exactly.

Am I making changes for the good?                                100%

Does it make me feel better to not

buy and eat meat and dairy all the time?                        Hell yes!

As you can see, I am far from perfect! But I’m trying every day to improve my choices.

Small Changes – Big Difference

So, the small changes that I have made personally, are as follows:

Dairy – butter replaced by Coconut spread – not all the time, but 97% of it.

Cheese – better to just not eat cheesy products at all, although sometimes I do like a Pizza and the Vegan cheese alternatives are just not cutting it. So, I choose something different other than the cheesy options.

Plus, it’s a well-known fact that dairy produces mucus in the body and, as someone who suffers with mild asthma, when flu season comes around, it’s not fun, as I always develop a chest infection with monotonous regularity. This year, however, it may be different – I will keep you posted!

Chicken – Organic, hand reared, open spaces, “happy chickens” are never from a supermarket – so they come from an Organic Butcher with a great reputation, luckily I have three of these in my area.

Beef – If I do buy it, it’s always as Organic and as kind as possible, but I very, very rarely do.

Eggs – I eat eggs. Not battery hen eggs, Organic, Free Range, Farm eggs only.

Pork – Just can’t eat this anymore. I don’t buy bacon ever. I don’t buy ham anymore. Sausages are coming off the menu too.

Lamb – Again, I just don’t eat, cook, or buy it anymore.

As you can see, I’m getting there – slowly. I’m not perfect, but it’s the choices I make within my options, such as Organic, Hand-reared, Free-range and responsibly farmed or responsibly sourced. These choice changes all make a difference. Some might say not enough, but big things always happen with small changes and if everyone made a small change – think how much quicker the big things would happen.

A Work In Progress

Like so many people, I’m not ashamed to say, it’s a work in progress, but so much of my shopping habits have changed over the last few years. I am much more aware of the source of the food I buy, the ethics of the company, the damage it causes the world, the environment and not just the animals, but the small farmers, small producers whose margins are squished so much by the large supermarkets that they often go out of business after being placed there.

Local Over Supermarket

This is a real issue for families. Mums and Dads who have to feed children and only have a certain amount of money to do that – supermarkets are their hero, and quite rightly.

But if the lockdown has taught us anything, for me, it was the local shops in Queen’s Park, Kensal Rise, Ladbroke Grove and Maida Vale who kept us going when the supermarkets had run out of the essentials.

Even if you only buy a few things locally at your corner shop or green grocer, you’re supporting your local businesses and sustaining your community. Small changes. Big difference.

I think in some cases the lockdown, also taught us that the time we spend as a family to cook together to nourish each other – not just with what we eat, but with our time. Connection and understanding and learning about new foods together, is a great way to change shopping and eating habits – making new foods exciting and a new experience shared together.

What Will You Choose?

I’m trying to make changes every day. To be more responsible, not only for my own health, but for the health of the earth, our beloved planet which we are watching die at the hands of greed and personal wealth.

Surely, It’s Time For Change?

Making small changes to your shopping; less plastic and packaging waste, less carrier bags, less meat, less cheap alternatives, less fast food instead, let us choose more inspiration, more innovation, more care, more attention, more kindness and more responsibility and more thought.

Make a change today. #plantbased #vegan #humanity #local #community

The Vegan Kind Supermarket wrote a very interesting article about this very issue, which may give you more clarification. You can read it here.