Nourish Awards & Kids Nourish Awards 2022 – Yummy Balls Take The Gold

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Here we are again. The Nourish Awards are the most prestigious Health Food Awards in the UK.

It’s been a very eventful year. Like everyone we have had our ups and downs at Juicy Lucy’s. Not least of which, was moving to a home where I was told I could not work from home; meaning all the hard work I had put into Juicy Lucy’s over the last three years, was now being threatened.

However, as always, I stuck with it and I am so unbelievably delighted to announce that this years entry for the Nourish Awards and Kids Nourish Awards 2022 – Yummy Balls, received TWO Gold Awards.

We had the best night.

The evening was hosted by The Nourish Team at The Caledonian Club, Halkin Street, Grosvenor Square in London. We all dressed up. It was wonderful to see everyone’s faces. To meet the Nourish Team, especially Diana Babics, who runs the company and has been so very helpful to all the small food producers out there, especially me.

My “imposter syndrome” is settling down, with six awards in three years… I feel like all my hard work is definitely worth every tear, every panic, every stress and every dramatic meltdown. All of that dissipated when I heard those magical words “and the Gold Nourish Award Winner of Snacks to Go… Juicy Lucy’s Kitchen with Yummy Balls”. Imagine my delight when the sentence then was repeated for the Kids Nourish Award.

Last year we won the Gold for Tropical Balls and Furry Balls, our Vegan Pet Treat, so this year it was especially important for me to try to get the Kids Award, an in 2020 our Golden Balls won a Commended and third place in the People’s Choice Award.

We celebrated. We drank champagne and we chatted and networked. It was a joyous night indeed.

Many thanks to all the judges, the Nourish Awards team and many congratulations to the finalists and winners of ALL the Nourish Awards this year.

We are so very grateful and elated. Check out our Yummy Balls. They really do live up to their name.

Here is some of the judges feedback…


“Love these energy balls. Very satisfying and filling. Love the texture and flavour – so fresh! Amazing ingredients as well.”          

“These are outstanding in flavour and goodness. They are such a delicious healthy fat-rich snack bursting with zing.

“The sweetness comes from the dried pineapple which might well cause a bit of a spike in blood sugar. I would be very interested to see what effects these actually do have on blood sugar.”

“A wonderful flavour and texture. I love that it has amazing nutritional ingredients and it’s organic. I can’t believe it contains maca but I can’t taste it. Bravo!” 

“Exciting flavour! loved the tropical / pineapple freshness. Good size, no added sugar, freeze dried ingredients. Would love to know the maca content. Cannot find any fault a part from the fact it uses organic ingredients but is not certified.”   

I love this product, really tasty and innovative, with no added sugar which is brilliant, could be made slightly smaller that’s the only thing I would potentially change and love the use of freeze dried fruit. The use of the freeze dried pineapple and kiwi gives a tangy lift which offsets the sweetness.      

Absolutely delicious balance of natural ingredients. The pineapple adds a sour note which works wonderfully with the other creamier ingredients. Stunning.


“Delicious! Nice presentation and size, visually appealing. Good ingredients list.” 

Wow! Full of zing and totally delicious! The perfect size for a kids sweet treat. (However not suitable for most kids lunchboxes in school due to nut content).                      

“Yummy indeed. Great tropical taste and use of organic ingredients. Would like to know the maca content before giving to a child.

I would suggest to go for full organic certification to reassure consumers on quality of the ingredients.” 

Alice (9 year old) says “Now I know why they are called yummy balls!”

Delicious, great that made using just fruit sugars, and love the use of freeze dried. Really like the commitment to ethics and sustainability.”

Lucy x