Are We Oiling The Palm Of The Deforestation Farmers?

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Sadly, the production of Palm Oil is ravaging our planets’ magnificent rainforests all around the world, from Palawan, the Philippines to the Brazilian Amazon.

Palm Oil Farmers – The Deforestation Devastation

Where We’ll Find Palm Oil And Why?

It’s everywhere.  Much of the packaged food and some other products found on our supermarket shelves contain Palm Oil.  Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil are found in a vast number of baked goods, such as cookies, bread and potato chips, as well as chocolate and milk (where it adds Vitamin A).  It has also replaced Coconut as the main cooking oil, traditionally used in Indonesia as well as replacing Peanut Oil in Myanmar.

Palm Oil is also extensively used in toiletries and cosmetics to add foam or creaminess to the product.  It is one of the key ingredients in the manufacturing of detergents, soaps, shampoos and some toothpastes, as well as it being increasingly used as a biofuel.

The Orangutangs

You’ve probably seen the media reports about the Orangutangs’ habitation being destroyed.  Palm Oil Plantations are now the leading suppliers for a global market that demands more of the tree’s versatile oil for cooking, cosmetics, and biofuel. But its appeal comes with significant costs. Palm Oil plantations often replace tropical forests, killing endangered species, uprooting local communities, and contributing to the release of climate-warming gases.  The Orangutans that are displaced, often starve to death, are killed by plantation workers as pests, or die in the fires.

In 2015 in Indonesia, catastrophic fires raged through more than 2.5 million hectares of forest incinerating everything in its path. It was a massacre provoked by PALM OIL FARMERS.

Millions of animals, plants and wildlife were burned alive and it is highly probable that many species yet to be discovered may have been lost forever.

The Sun Bears Are Suffering

Many of the Sun Bears that inhabit the Indonesian forests were killed and countless others lost their territories.  This is the only species of bear that lives in this forest and it is a vital link to the spreading of many plants.  In recent years more than thirty percent of its population has disappeared.

Sadly the devastating problem of fire has further, less obvious consequences. In 2015 these forest fires generated approximately 200,000 million tones of greenhouse gases; more than Germany or Japan produce in one year.

More than seventy percent of the species and plants that have cancer-fighting properties come from this environment.  And there are still tens of thousands of species to be discovered.

Despite the incredible and as yet unknown treasures contained in this environment, it is entirely possible that the whole thing may just go up in smoke.

Worldwide Products Containing Palm Oil

Bagel BitesBalance BarBanquet
BertolliBird’s EyeBlue Bonnet Table
Boston MarketButterball TurkeyCadbury / Mars
Canada DryCheez-ItsChef Boyardee
ClassicoClif BarCountry Crock
Crunch N‘ Munch
Crunchy Nut Clusters
Dr. PepperEarth Balance
Egg BeatersFleischmann‘sFrench’s Mustard
Girl Scout CookiesGulden’s MustardHarmony Premium Trail
Hawaiian PunchHebrew NationalHeinz Baby Food
Heinz KetchupHellmannsHunts
Jack DanielsJell-O No Bake Homestyle
Cheese Cake Desert
Jiffy Pop
Knott‘s Berry FarmKraftLa Choy
Lea & PerrinsLibby‘sLipton
Little Debbie SnacksLuna BarManwich
Marie Callender‘s Frozen MealsMcDonaldsMott’s
Mrs. Fields CookiesNabiscoNewmans Own Organics
Nissin Noodles / RamenNutellaOre Ida
OreoOrville RedenbachersPAM
ParkayPepperidge Farm CookiesPeter Pan
Post CerealsPower BarQuaker Oats
Russell Stover
SchweppesSouth Beach
Diet foods
Soy Milk (various)Sun Ridge FarmsSweet’N Low
Zone Perfect Maltesers /
Peanut Butter
 Palmers Cocoa

You’ll note that many of these products are not that healthy anyway, as quite a few brands of sweet / junk food contains Palm Oil.

Taking steps to eliminate these products from our diets will not only benefit the environment but our health too. So it’s a win:win!

Please help us save our beautiful planet and read your labels carefully.

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