Juicy Lucy’s Celebrates Nourish Awards 2020

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For my little vegan protein ball company; initially making its debut in July of last year, to already have not one, but TWO such a prestigious awards are completely AWESOME.

Commendation: Artisan And Small Producers Category

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Juicy Lucy’s Golden Balls came 2nd Place with a Commendation in the Artisan & Small Producers Category at The Nourish Awards 2020 this year.

The People’s Choice Awards

We ALSO came 3rd Place overall in The People’s Choice Awards.

We are super proud of these achievements bearing in mind the quality of the competition; established and disruptor brands such as Marks and Spencer, Hunter Gatherer and The Mindful Chef, to name but a few.

Bursting With Flavour

Our Golden Balls are bursting with flavour, packed with amazing ingredients; fresh Organic Ginger, Organic Cashew Butter, Organic Cashew Nuts, Organic Cacao Nibs, Organic Lucuma, Organic Maca, Medjool Dates and Coconut Oil.

These little Golden Balls pack a protein punch of approximately 7g per Ball. This rich and creamy caramel tasting ball quite literally bursts with flavour.

Packed full of amino acids and healthy fats, which keep your heart healthy. Although, Cashews and Cashew Butter are also a little higher in calories, (so not too many in one go please). Another benefit is Magnesium, which speeds up your metabolism, aids sleep cycles and improves your immunity.

If you’re feeling like you need a decadent delight, pair this ball with any of the others for a re-charge hit. Packed with healthy ingredients to kick-start your taste buds. The Organic Cacao Nibs added to these balls add mood-elevating and anti-depressant properties, stimulating neurotransmitters such as serotonin and endorphins.

Golden Goodness

Fresh Ginger, Cashew Nuts, Cashew Butter, Cacao, Dates, Odourless Coconut Oil, Organic Maca and Organic Lucuma Powders, give this Golden Ball the extra taste of creamy caramel, but with none of the refined sugars.


Packed with Protein, Iron and Vitamin A, Fibre, Magnesium and Vitamin E, Manganese, Copper, Zinc and Phytosterols.

Don’t worry if Ginger and Cashews are not your thing, there are six original flavours; Love Balls with Strawberry & Cacao, Blue Balls with Cacao, Nuts and Seeds (with Blue Spirulina), Balls of Steel withBrazils, Lemon & Chlorella (with Activated Charcoal), Tropical Balls with Tropical Fruit and Coconut (with fresh Turmeric), Bakewell Balls with Cherries, Almonds and Coconut (inspired by the Bakewell Tart, this one is my favourite).

All of Juicy Lucy’s Balls are homemade with the finest ingredients, super healthy to keep your immune systems strong. 

Juicy Lucy’s Journey

When I launched “Juicy Lucy’s Balls”, in July 2019, with my tongue-in-cheek marketing material; #GetALoadOfMyBalls, I had no idea where it would go and what a journey we have had so far.

We are delighted to share our story so far, bearing in mind our livelihood, like so many other small producers, was being threatened by Covid-19 and the various lockdown restrictions. Juicy Lucy’s took action quickly, evolved and managed to keep going through lockdown to supply our locals and the NHS Staff.

Lockdown Deliveries

During lockdown we approached local shops and businesses who offered us free produce and we were able to supply and deliver fresh and tasty meals, soups and protein balls to clients, friends and neighbours who were self-isolating, people nervous to go the shops and worried about standing in line to be confronted with empty shelves, or stuck indoors. We also delivered to the NHS Staff at St Mary’s and St Charles hospitals. Here at Juicy Lucy’s Kitchen® in West London, we created a Vegan and truly delicious, nutritious menu to help people #GetTheGoodStuffIn.

Thank You To Everyone

I’m so delighted to receive these awards, and we would like to thank the Nourish Awards and also everyone who has supported us, voted for us and ordered our amazing protein Balls (especially our Golden Balls).

Remember, keep it Juicy! x