Roasted Red Pepper and Chestnut Soup

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Rumbunctious Roasted Red Pepper and Chestnut Soup Recipe I made this beautifully bright and warming soup because I ordered a few extra red peppers by mistake. So I decided to roast them with a sprinkle of Himalayan salt, some sprigs of … Continued

Placebo – Power or Poppycock?

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Can Your Mind Heal Your Body? For so many years now, doctors have trialled drugs and pharmaceuticals using one hundred examples of treatment using a drug, versus one hundred examples of using a “sugar pill” placebo? In clinical trials where … Continued

Got The Moody Blues – Why?

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“Come On Get Up Get Happy – Let’s Chase All Your Blues Away…” So the song goes, but sometimes it’s not quite that simple is it? This article looks at some of the reasons why it’s not that simple and what … Continued

Blood Type Dieting ​: Is It Right?

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Blood Type Diets Nowadays, there seem to be so many conflicting diets, claiming “eat this to be thin”, or “don’t eat this and you’ll lose your belly fat”, or “do this exercise, it’s all you’ll ever need to be thin”… … Continued

Sugar – Nectar Or Poison?

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It’s fast becoming known as the worst thing we can put into our bodies. Sugar is extremely addictive and really very bad for us on so many levels. It’s no secret that a little too much of the sweet stuff can … Continued

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